One Voice under the Belgian presidency


The One Voice for European Music initiative continued its progress during the Belgian presidency, as the leadership was passed to Belgium to continue the collaborative efforts initiated by CNM for France, SoundCzech for the Czech Republic, and Musiksverige for Sweden. Under the guidance of VI.BE and Wallonie Bruxelles Musique, 21 Belgian professional music organizations convened to deliberate on pivotal topics shaping the European music landscape. This reflection aimed to address key challenges and opportunities facing the music industry across Europe, fostering dialogue and cooperation among diverse stakeholders.

During the Belgian presidency, discussions revolved around four main topics, each critical to the advancement of the European music sector:

  • EU Funding for Music: Exploring avenues for sustainable funding mechanisms to support the diversity and vibrancy of music across Europe.
  • European Music Observatory: Examining the potential establishment of a centralized platform to collect data, conduct research, and provide insights into the European music industry.
  • Music export, circulation of repertoire, mobility of music workers: Addressing strategies to facilitate the international mobility of artists, promote the circulation of music repertoire, and enhance opportunities for music export.
  • Institutional dialogue and policy co-construction: Highlighting the importance of fostering constructive dialogue between policymakers and music industry stakeholders to develop effective policies that support the growth and sustainability of the sector.

The conclusions drawn from these discussions will be unveiled on Europe Day, May 9th, at the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels. This presentation will mark a milestone in the One Voice for European Music initiative, showcasing the collective efforts and insights gathered from across Europe to shape the future of the music industry in the European Union.

    Presentation of the conclusions on Europe Day 

    The Belgian set of recommendations resulting from the One Voice for European Music initiative will be unveiled on May 9th at a special “Europe Day” event, organized by Liveurope at Ancienne Belgique in Brussels.

    The event will be attended by representatives from the Belgian Presidency of the EU, the European Commission, the Cultural and Creators Friendship Group of the European Parliament, as well as a wide range of sectoral organizations.